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 Training Services

TrainingThe training services supplied by the company are wide and varied. Please contact us for a more detailed description of the training courses offered. We can produce a Bespoke training curricullum to suit your individual or company needs.

 Training team 

A: Has over 18 years’ experience in the private and government security sectors. After serving with an Elite regiment of the British military, he moved into the private security industry as a close protection officer, providing services to celebrities, Government, private & religious clients. He has provided close protection services for High ranking military and government personnel in Europe, USA, Iraq, Kurdistan, Africa, Afghanistan & Israel. He has been an instructor for all areas of the private security industry for over 7 years specialising in high risk close protection operations, firearms and tactics.

B: Is a retired Major of the South African military. She has extensive experience within the multi-national Special Forces community to include JSOC. A specialist in terrorism & counter terrorist operations, explosives, demolitions and Guerrilla warfare. She has experience operating in hostile regions alongside multinational special forces units. She brings a wealth of operational experience and knowledge to our specialist courses.  

C: 15 years’ experience in GSG 9 (Grenzschutzgruppe 9 der Bundespolizei), the elite counter-terrorism and special operations unit of the German Federal Police. Extensive knowledge in counter terrorism.

D: Served 17 years in the South African Police Services. Twelve of these years in the elite SAPS Special task force unit, (counter terrorism unit). Served in this unit as an elite marksman (sniper) in urban and rural environments. He has provided over-watch for many government and presidential visits. He has provided sniper training to Police and Military organizations across the world and has developed most of the Techniques used by all the major law enforcement organizations today. He retired at the rank of Captain.

E: 16 years’ experience with the German Armed Forces in the Military Police and as special forces operator in KSK (Kommando Spezialkräfte). Operationally deployed in different units and was heavily involved in training. He is an instructor for Fitness and Martial Arts - Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Free Martial Arts and combat fitness.

F: Over 20 years commissioned service in US Army Special Forces, Civil Affairs, Force Protection/ Counter Intelligence, Long Range Reconnaissance / Surveillance, Infantry, Combat Engineers. Retired Lieutenant Colonel. 

Our additional operational & training support team are all active operators across the globe with 8 – 24 years in specialist military units. These range US Navy SEAL teams , US Marines, Rangers, British & South African Special Forces Units with Ranks up to Colonel.

They all bring a wide variety of highly professional skillsets to our operations & training courses.

The training is offered at two levels.

Corporate Sector

A number of courses are aimed at larger corporate companies i.e. the training of personnel or corporate executives in all security measures.

Private Sector

Courses aimed at private individuals are also offered. These allow a private individual to gain new skills enabling them to pursue their career prospects within the security industry, or improve their level of personal security and awareness.

Other Security services are available and are tailor made to suit your requirements. Please contact us with your enquiry.