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Master in Mind: Lie detection

A Security Professionals most important and basic skill is....

''how to detect lie and deception regardless of culture''

This leads to the professionals enhanced and hightened situational awareness and being able to detect and assess threats, and persons that may be hiding something, lying or simply telling the truth.

Security Managers should know the following skills to be recognized as an industry professional

Extract Reliable information and manage emotions
( Lie and Deception Detection regardless of Culture )


  1. Managing Staff: to ensure that specific functions have been undertaken
  2. Detecting if staff are confident or unsure about a report or incident
  3. Verify if staff are accomplices to a crime, pilferage or corruption
  4. Handling of disputes or situations that involve foreigners
  5. Supporting interviewing and interrogation techniques
  6. Hiring of staff and verifying if staff are able to successfully undertake a job function
  7. Ensuring that trainers or sub contractors are able to successfully fulfill projects.
  8. Evaluate strengths and weaknesses of staff - Door Supervisors, Traditional Guards and CPOs
  9. Identifying when a physical altercation is about to take place
  10. Advising staff on posture and interactions supporting access control of guests and workers.
  11. Being aware of skills that CPO and door supervisors should know to be respected as a professional
  12. Assist in identifying human trafficking


This is knowledge anyone involved within security should have. It is a vital tool within security skillsets.
The course is currently being made compatible for the Interpol servers and will be available shortly to Interpol and law enforcement agencies.