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 K9 Services

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The utilisation of dogs (K9) and their handlers, can often be an effective way to enhance secuirty operations. All our handlers and security dogs comply with the dogs act of 1975 and are fully insured and licensed and have a wealth of experience. The dogs supplied will be in accordance with the specific security needs required.

We provide the following role specific dogs and handlers:

- Vehicle Search
- Explosive Detection
- Advanced IED (Mine Detection)
- Narcotics (Single or Duel)
- Crime Scene Investigation
- Medical Detection
- Cadaver 

- Patrol Dogs (Bite Capability)
- Patrol Dogs (Operations)
- Tracking and Trailing
- Police Dogs
- High Profile (No Bite)

We have supplied personnel and K9s in the following countries: 

United Kingdom, United States of America, Middle East and Far East