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Independent Security Design Consultancy

Guardian international Security Services Ltd is an independent security design consultancy offering a comprehensive service that can encompass the initial threat and vulnerability survey, through to defining operational requirements for mitigation measures.

Once these important steps have been undertaken we are able to design the tender packages to enable installation of chosen mitigation measures. We can offer a full end-to-end service in project management.

Guardian uses relevant standards to each project coupled with established best practice. Team members are currently engaged in writing American National Security Institute (ANSI) standards on behalf of ASIS International and have achieved the first ever ‘Secured by Design’ Stadium.

As an independent company, Guardian international Security Services Ltd is able to offer impartial advice, as it is not associated with any supplier or manufacturer of equipment.

The company acts only in the interests of our clients and key stakeholders. Many competitors offer free or low-cost surveys and audits on the basis that they will receive commission on the installation of a particular system. Typically this may not result in the best value or best system for a business or organisation.

Below is a list of the projects on which members of the Guardian international Security Services Team have had direct project engagement.

Projects Undertaken by Team Members

• Athletes Village 2012 – Security Assurance (Completed)

• National Assembly Complex – Nigerian Government Security Assessment (Completed)

• Olympic Stadium 2012 – First ever to be ‘Secured by Design’ (Completed)

• T 2 Heathrow MSCP and Supporting infrastructure (completed)

• Olympics Biometrics Controls (Completed)

• Louvre -Abu Dhabi (Completed)

• Heart of Doha – Doha (on going)

• International Broadcast Centre 2012 (on going)

•Leeds Bradford Schools – Security Assurance (Completed

various other projects are currently being undertaken by our staff including the participation int he writing of standards for ASIS.