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>> Construction site security guarding services

Guardian International Security Services Ltd. provide day time and overnight security services for construction sites and building industries throughout the UK. 

Our range and scale of construction site security services are built around your specific requirements including:

We carry out an initial, thorough risk assessment to determine threats and weaknesses and implement necessary site security measures.

The British Security Industry Association suggests:

"Construction industry theft in the UK is thought to produce losses in the region of between £600 million and £1 billion per year. This may be due to lapses in procedure or the absence of effective security measures. Alex Carmichael, British Security Industry Association (BSIA) Technical Director, briefly considers some of the risks and discusses the solutions.

When considering site security, most people will firstly measure the potential cost of doing nothing, i.e what they will lose should a theft take place. In the context of a construction site, this is the replacement cost of material and equipment, which can include individual items worth tens of thousands of pounds." 

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