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 Close Quarter Combat "CQC"

Close Quarter BattleA ten day training seminar covering all aspects of personal close quarter combat. The course will cover all aspects of combat training including firearms, edged weapons, and unarmed techniques and tactics. The course will start at a basic level to cater for the less experienced student and progress daily taking the student to an advanced level. This course is aimed at Close protection operations.

. The course content will include but not limited to the following.

  Edged weapons

In addition to the 10 day syllabus, we offer a 5 day "basic CQC firearms) bolt on to our Close protection courses. The 10 day course includes firearms, safety equipment and 3000 rounds of ammunition. The 5 day course includes firearms, safety equipment and 1200 rounds of ammunition. We do not use CO2, Paintball or other soft varients on our weapons courses. All ammunition used are live rounds.