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H.E.A.T.Are your employees at risk of being kidnapped in Libya?

How would they react if they were held at gunpoint in Iraq?

What do they need to prepare for when visiting Nigeria?


Wherever in the world your staff are required to live or work, as an employer, you have a duty of care to ensure they are fully prepared for the unique challenges they are likely to face. We provide fully tailored training courses designed to help executives prepare for and mitigate against the risks and challenges inherent in operating in unfamiliar environments.


Organisations operating in volatile areas have become increasingly aware of their legal liabilities and responsibilities for duty of care of those working for them either as employees or volunteers. They recognise that “Hostile environment” training is an obligation, not an option.

Our Hostile Environments and Emergency First Aid Training (HEFAT) course is designed specifically for companies and individuals that operate worldwide, particularly in areas where there may be concerns for personal health or safety. It has proved extremely effective for "frontline" organisations, e.g. the media, NGOs, aid agencies, etc. but can equally be applied to the work of a range of other companies working in volatile areas.

Content is fully tailored to your individual requirements and the types of challenges your employees are likely to face (e.g. Personal security, kidnapping, coping with attack, defensive driving, first aid, surveillance awareness etc.)