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Hostile Environment Security Operations 10 Day Course


The course is run over 10 days and provides skill sets for working in remote & hostile environments. It is designed to enhance Close protection operators, to a level where they will gain valuable knowledge on how to operate in a variety of hostile environments by covering specialist tactical topics in the use of Pistol, Carbine & Shotgun. In addition you will also receive instruction on tactical combat casualty care. This course is physically demanding and exceeds the HECPO training program.

There is a large emphasis placed in the following: • Operating in hazardous environments • Intelligence gathering and collation • Criminal and Insurgency threat types • Enemy tactics • Route planning - map & grid navigation • Advanced mission planning • Operations room setup • Communications • I.E.D, VBIED, EFP & PIED

The tactical operations side of the training will consist of: • Team tactics on foot • Team tactics in vehicles • Marksmanship & weapons skills • Administrative-tactical-speed reload-malfunctions • Firing from within and around vehicles • Breaking contact & tactical movement under fire • Initiative based tactics • Assault course fitness • Tactical combat casualty care • Advanced unarmed combat

Multiple sub topics are contained within the main subject matter. Persons attending this course, must have undertaken recognised Close Protection & Firearms training as a minimum or have a checkable military/armed police background.