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The training encompasses those basic skills necessary for worldwide survival, facilitating search and rescue efforts, evading capture by hostile individuals and groups. It is based on and reinforces the values expressed in the Code of Conduct while maintaining an appropriate balance of sound educational methodology and realistic/stressful training scenarios.

The course will be conducted over 10 full days, (no luxury accommodation here), Incorporating levels A B & C from the military SERE training Cadre. Certain elements have been removed due to their specific military content which cannot be delivered to civilians legally, but this does not distract from the experience or level of training & competency. Tactical survival is an entirely different challenge compared to just basic survival under normal conditions. When people are trying to capture or hurt you, it’s a must to evade, evade and survive. Fail in this, then the likelihood of serious injury or death is high. You will not be at your best, you will not have the luxury of time to find out if your ideas work. You DO NOT want this to be the first time you have ever had to do this…..TRAINING IS PARAMOUNT…

The world is constantly changing, Natural disasters, Economic breakdowns, Terrorism, country instability… no longer are we secure…past and current events have shown this.

This course will teach you the skills you need to know to survive in whatever hazardous environment you might find yourself in. This will be the most hard core civilian training you can get as close to the real thing. You will be given the knowledge in all core subject matter, you will experience different scenarios, you will then be captured, experience being held against your will, you will be forced to escape. You will be hunted and tracked and will use the skills taught to evade recapture and survive for a set period of time and reach an extraction point or safe zone.

Do not confuse this course with similar TV programs…This course is not choreographed for viewer entertainment.

This course will take a civilian and transform them into someone who is capable of escaping illegal custody and disappear back to a safe zone. We will teach you the counter tactics you can use so as not to become a victim. These skills can be used if kidnapped, during an economical breakdown or being trapped in a hostile country. You can use the skills to evade capture or to survive a natural disaster and much more.


The course is taught by former military SERE instructors & multi-national Special Forces team members.

Survival and evasion

SERE training focuses on survival and evasion. Skills taught include Woodcraftandwilderness survival, including Fire craft, Shelter craft, Traps and Snares, Food & Water procurement and much more. You will also be shown how to make improvised Equipment and techniques of Rescue, such as Signalling, Navigation, Route Selection, advanced First Aid, Camouflage & concealment, methods of evasion, and Communication Protocols, how trackers track and how to avoid leaving markers in all types of climate and terrain.


Resistance and escape

Training on how to resist and escape the enemy in the event of capture is largely based on the experiences of past U.S. prisoners of war and those non-combatants who have been captured and evaded hostile groups.

Our commitment to you, is to provide “real world” skills that you can adapt to suit most situations in a controlled manner, delivered by experienced instructors…As with all our training courses, we provide scenarios and training that are as close to real situations as safely possible.

We will push you to what you think is your limit and take you beyond that limit.


** This course has been modified from its original military structure for the civilian sector**

Further details available on request.